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Christmas decorations industry development history analysis
Edit: Ningbo April IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD    Date: 2014-04-08
This Christmas is a religious holiday. Nineteenth century , pop, Christmas Santa Claus appeared , so Christmas was beginning to pop up. After celebrating Christmas custom of Nordic pop, combined with the Northern Hemisphere winter Christmas decorations appeared.
Christmas decorations industry development history analysis
Christmas decorations industry development history analysis
The mid- nineteenth century to the early development of the whole of Europe , the Americas started over from Christmas . And derive the corresponding Christmas culture. Christmas spread to Asia in the mid-nineteenth century , Japan, Korea , China and so affected by the Christmas culture.
After the reforms, the spread of Christmas in China especially , early 2000s , Christmas organically combines Chinese local customs, development matures. Eat apples with Christmas hats , sending Christmas cards, Christmas party , became a part of Chinese life Christmas shopping.
Our Christmas decorations industry after the beginning of the 1980s , the growth stage of the 1990s, the development stage since 2000 , has now become an important export product.
Chinese Christmas decorations market research report mentioned in 2014-2018 the life cycle of the industry including the development of four stages of development : naive , growth, maturity, decline . With increasing globalization , the impact of Christmas in China is also increasing , people 's enthusiasm for Christmas are increasingly high , China's exports of Christmas decorations on a large country in the world , at present, the industry is growing .