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Christmas tree production
Edit: Ningbo April IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD    Date: 2014-04-10
In the West, people over Christmas as Chinese New Year , as in the weeks before the festival began to prepare . Dazzling variety of Christmas gifts on the market , everything. What Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas stockings, Christmas cards and more.
Christmas is the celebration of Christmas must have been the thing , if there is no Christmas tree at home , greatly reducing the festive atmosphere. Today, with fir trees are evergreens like cypress made ​​, a symbol of life forever .
Because Western countries excessive demand for Christmas trees , requiring higher and higher, so artificial Christmas trees on a natural pine and cypress trees replaced , more and more people 's favorite. Currently, the production of artificial Christmas trees materials are mainly two types of PVC material PVC leaves, the other is a leaf PE PE material .
First, the raw material
PVC is referred to as PVC material , which is a plastic -like material in one of the most widely used decorative materials . Lightweight, insulation, thermal insulation , moisture, fire retardant , easy construction and so on. So it is one of the most widely used material for Christmas foliage production .
PE Polyethylene is what we often say , it is in particulate form . Because of the heat , it is one of a variety of high-quality materials for injection molding and blow molding products . It leaves a good simulation results produced by the Christmas tree .
PVC and PE materials we used are environmentally friendly materials. The Christmas tree branches generally of high quality wire. Backbone of steel trunks . These are decorated with silk fiber , and this is a LED light bulb , there is multicolored , there monochrome .
Christmas tree for the various components of materials no specific requirements, but some countries - but it has different standards , so before making a Christmas tree , according to the requirements of different countries spectrometer to detect the content of what the various components of materials harmful substances as long as the ingredients are not exceeded on it .
Second, the design
Christmas tree height , weight is not just to do it, the impression kids are like a Christmas tree (Figure ) is not actually a real Christmas tree like this.
Interview Hao Total : From what kind of tree it is to be in accordance with the standards ? ( When do we design a tree , probably a triangle , it will not be the actual design is a triangle of death , generally we do design tree , the tree tops are a little fat round first up, get away to the middle of the angle change little bit , and then a little bit at first glance up under the tree , so that people feel more comfortable is a Christmas tree . )
With about a tree , it can not immediately produce , we have to be designed . Generally, doing a Christmas tree, from the following aspects to consider.
First, determine the height according to our actual needs. Christmas tree height generally include : the treetops , the tree and the tree feet.
Typically the height of the whole tree Tree representing the angle of 1/ 10 , for example: we make a Christmas tree 200 cm high , then the foot of the tree is 20 cm high, and the height of the top of the tree is usually attributable to the remaining 1/ 3 , which is 60 cm , the rest of the tree is 120 cm tall .
Tree height is determined after the next step is to determine the circumference of the tree . Girth size can be set according to personal preferences , make sure it is thin or fat tree trees tree . But this is our most common relatively wide girth slightly plump tree . So it 's basically the same height girth ratio of the size of the tree and the middle .
Then we will give a hierarchical tree . Generally so high as two meters of trees from all layers at 15 centimeters. This means that if the tree height is 120 cm , then the tree is divided into 8 equal layers .
With layers now , the tree is composed of branches . So we have to determine the distribution of each branch . Usually calculated from the bottom most layer . For example : the angle between each branch of the bottom layer is 40 degree angle, then that is an average of nine branches located in the bottom. Thus , from bottom to top , with the tree from the fat to thin, the number of branches will be reduced accordingly , the angle between the branches have increased accordingly , but to ensure that each layer in the tree branches centered evenly distributed .
Then the leaves of the distribution . Leaves on each branch to be distributed evenly between the layers of leaves to ensure that at least be able to touch together , so as to block the trunk.
The top of the tree is a single leaf lashing into . As long as evenly distributed on the line.
We produce more than just the most basic principles introduced the Christmas tree , we designed a Christmas tree when , just follow this principle , you can make the perfect Christmas tree up .
Third, the production of tree
Here , we started making it. First, let's look at how the leaves are made ​​out of . Acquire PVC leaf , for example.
PVC leaf production
PVC is a roll , so we have to cut them into strips . Here use of paper machine to operate. The entire volume of PVC mounted on rollers , tune into the caliper width leaves need, then stick to the one end of pvc caliper front wheels to be fixed, so that you can even cut out the desired width of the PVC strip .
This green PVC strip is used to make the leaves . Below use to pull the machine to pull out those leaves. The green PVC strip hanging on the front of the machine pulley , the top 1 cm width also hang a roll of yellow leaf stems made ​​of PVC . Leaf stems also have thin wire to support. To install the wire in place .
The adjusted data is adjusted according to the requirements needed for the data , the first machine of the yellow and green PVC wire and pressed together and cut into uniform filaments , so that the bottom layer is formed of leaves, leaf stems yellow intermediate and there are the fine wire support. Then there is the process of automatic leaf curl , leaf roll and then finished sweeping through the hoop again, so pull a leaf strips. To separate the following cut leaf . Just tune into the caliper lawnmower leaf length needed , you can cut out the individual leaves .
Now the leaves are flat leaves, we can also use the machine to pull straight out round leaves and pointed leaves. This is the round leaves , this is the tip of the leaf . Either leaves, must strictly check whether the shape of the leaf shape is set , but the leaves must be wrapped in uniform, elastic medium , can not affect the shape of grass , and can not be exposed wire. Meanwhile , pointed leaves and round leaves request can not be wearing a hat phenomenon . This has been formed as leaves , grass clippings into the area , as long as the leaf stems directly lawnmower cut the roots on it. In addition to flat leaf , pointed leaves , round leaves , but there is a hi pointed leaves. Xi pointed leaves just need to do the flat leaf can be done by washing the leaves .
Wash water leaves the basic -70 degrees at about 60 degrees , the operation can be directly inside the upper leaf wash in wash for 2 seconds , then wash out in the wash machine on the grass for 5-10 seconds , so washing the leaf shape hi is pointed up, and the leaves look more natural. Washing the leaves must be checked , not scorched , and the phenomenon of the speaker of the head.
In addition to the above described four leaves , there is a pine needles , it is also used in PVC material. Pine needles pine needles is a one of the mechanisms used to pull out . Specifically we will not make you detailed introduction. Next, we look at how to do PE leaf out .
PE leaf production
PE leaves need to use molding machines . As long as the raw material feeding into the mouth , and then insert the appropriate fine wire , a special leaf mold machine , after starting the machine , will soon be able to produce a PE leaves . After a leaf out of PE is formed , does not require any treatment . Although very soft , but after it come out through the mold , not easily deformed , and compared to PVC leaves, simulation results will be better.
Leaves well, we want them tied into the branches, and then the final product in order to become a tree . Before tying branches, we must first look at the leaf type match.
Leaf type with
Due to the relative PE material PVC materials more expensive, so the Christmas tree market, pure PE tree is small, usually leaves into the periphery of the PE , PVC inside with a leaf . But there are many touches of pure PVC tree . However, even pure PVC tree every Christmas tree is not entirely a leaf , it is also out of the mix with leaves .
Interview: mixed leaf how to match ?
As a mixed leaf is concerned, what we have to choose the color when it co-ordinated , and that we should narrow leaves his proper little shallow , like buds , like a small issue to just more tender leaves , small leaves a lighter , larger leaves little deep. There are pine needles usually leaves a little deeper than the other . It is mainly decorative, placed in front of the branches most .
If pe and pvc leaf mix when it is like this , pe leaves on the front , so more can be manifested its value , as well as pe leaves it out of the injection molding machine , the relative ratio of pvc leaf to leaf much safer , he did not wire the front tip of the pvc can be matched behind leaves, leaf type to be as close to the pe leaves leaf type , because there are dozens of pe leaves leaf type , it leaves behind pvc leaf width , color , leaf type try to match it , the feeling of a luxurious Christmas pe leaves almost do not see there is pvc leaf, which is a basic requirement.
As long as they have mastered this basic principle , no matter how you are with , I believe that will be the ideal Christmas tree .
Tied to sticks
When tied to the branches and leaves on each branch should follow the operating instructions for each tree diagram operation . Each branch has a corresponding root FIG. You see, this chart shows , we now want to tie the branches is the fifth layer , instead of using the letter E, but also marked branch length and number of leaves, branches which each layer is divided into four sections, the first section as PE leaves, other sections are PVC leaves, the number allocated in accordance with 5,4,3,3 . Then tied to sticks when necessary to operate in accordance with this chart .
Sticks tied with a polypropylene line . Also note that the size of each section of the tie between the time . Spacing between the first and second period of 1 inch , the second and third spacing of 2 inches , third and fourth spaced 2 inches .
After tying each branch , we should head glued tight, and make logo, so can not go wrong in post assembly . Each layer must be tied to the size of the branches to check whether the standard , whether there is loosening and leaves are leafy , little leaf , tied the wrong phenomenon. After each layer of branches should be classified tied neatly stacked .
Loaded tree
Loaded tree is done by hand , do not need to use any equipment. Generally, we have chosen to install the tree in a clean , spacious place to operate. These is what we do the branches of this tree are used to check again whether complete. The tube is connected with a tie bar wrapped tight, the density should be uniform, can not have exposed pipes, exposed the phenomenon of light, so the trunk will look more natural. Each section of pipe should be wrapped well. Hanging ring for fixing the pipe on the respective branches . We are doing it this tree into a total of four : the treetops , upper, middle and lower sections . They should be segmented assembled during assembly . For convenience , the first with a support bracket , the root of each of the branches are riveted on the respective hanging ring , until this layer are fixed , and then all of the rivet pliers clamp flat , so it will not fall off the branches a .
Each section after the assembly is completed, and now we have to add to this tree LED lights, so the next step is to wrap lights. When wrapped around the lamp , the lamp first detect what is good contact . Then one of the sections on the stand will be open all the leaves and then wrapped around the lamp . Wrapped around the lamp to be lighted to operate, by doing so also convenient to check for damage to the bulb .
In wrapped , pay attention to subtle light line is good, not exposed, can not exceed the periphery of the tip cap , clip lights use light line anchored . Light bulb at the top of the leaves . Each root branches no more light , less light , try to keep a uniform distribution . In addition, be sure to squeeze the hand wrapped around the lamp to the grass , so pay attention to the intensity should be appropriate, so as not to lose their elasticity and the appearance of leaves . Wrapped around the tree can be installed later .
First install tree feet. Open the tree stand , tighten the screws , the bottom first into the tree next section, the center of the foot pipe , and then up the next assembly . Each section is connected with the pipe. Bahrain until the whole tree . Each layer is then put together a lamp cord , then turn the mains, and finally the whole tree a little finishing again , the whole a beautiful styling. Thus , a complete Christmas tree on the show in front of us.
Production of fiber optic tree
Above we introduced an ordinary tree production, there is a fiber optic tree from its leaves shine ri can then emit light fiber optic tree is how it ? In fact, the principle is very simple, it 's the leaves mixed with fiber optic wire, under the light of a color wheel wire , fiber optic wire is issued by the color palette to a variety of light.
In front of the operation is basically the same , in order to make silk fiber distribution, roll the leaves this part is very important. These are artificial hand-rolled out . Ready for an appropriate length of wire and fiber optic wire and another leaves used to make pvc strip , pvc strip to cut this one side is serrated . One end of the first leaf curl of the cast adhesive pvc , pvc strip is then rolled together with a wire , then the volume to about half the volume to the fiber inside the wire , close to a number of volumes , the optical fiber must not exceed the tip wire Finally, glued tight. Eventually require rolled leaves in the middle of the leaf stems not exposed wire and fiber optic wire.
Leaf roll after a good tree can be tied up . First with sticky tape around the trunk , so as not to draw the tree . This fiber optic tree with the leaves can be tied directly into the finished tree. Each layer of leaves to use as pvc strip the leaves and tree trunks tied together with strips outside cement . This fiber optic tree can not be tied with wire , otherwise damage to the trunk does not lead the light . Note that each layer of the leaf to the required tie according to drawings. Also tied to the amount of the size of the side edges to avoid problems solved in time. After the tie , the amount of what height is accurate. Then the bottom of the fiber wire wrapped tightly with tape . Wrapped around a few times as much . Cast into the bottom layer of glue on the tree ready sets . Tree cover to the firm . Silk fiber under tree cover to cut , requiring fiber optic wire and cover the bottom flat.
The solder paste, wire , halogen lamps, color palette , sockets, switches, motors, pelvic floor , cover pots ready . Began to assemble. They will be installed in accordance with installation sequence Haojiu Hang . Make sure the color palette can reflect light. After the tree is inserted Bahrain basin , power , try silk fiber is lit. And finally sorted out the shape, fiber trees on the well.
Above we introduced the Christmas tree is green , and the shape is very full of the kind of tree , in fact, appreciate the perspective of each country is different, his preferences are not the same . Some countries like the color of the Christmas tree , there's like the Christmas tree made ​​of relatively thin , or modified into a spiral , it was like to scrape together a few Christmas tree ball , short, long mastered the production methods, each variety of tree species we can do it.
Either Christmas , people are like trees decorated with all kinds of candle , flowers, toys , stars, hang all kinds of Christmas gifts to meet the upcoming Christmas Eve .